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synergy sport therapy

No two people are the same, or suffer from the same injuries, conditions or illnesses. We all have our own unique situations and symptoms.


My focus is to support the full physical and mental well-being of each client, and to provide the holistic help required for relieving pain, improving health and getting lives back on track.


My commitment is to help each client, feel better, move better and return to work, sport or just enjoyable daily life, as quickly as is possible.


Stephen Nisbet

Synergy Sport Therapy

Regardless of age or health condition, I am dedicated to helping you.


I have personal experience of ill health, pain and exhaustion, having been through these experiences myself. Manual Therapy, for me, really worked and the treatments I received ignited a fascination and determination to learn more about the healing power of touch. Initially I trained in Sports Massage, where l learned, practised, perfected and advanced through the levels to the more specialised Advanced Sports Massage.


My training continued and I qualified in Advanced Clinical Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, it was at this stage that I began to specialise in injury prevention, mobility maintenance, improvement in stability, performance and physical rehabilitation treatments for musculoskeletal injury and dysfunction.


Advanced Myofascial Release came next. I had previously discovered the basic skills, but the advanced training was to transform my understanding of how to release chronic neuromuscular pain through manual manipulation of the fascial system which helps the body to regain structural movement and gravitational balance. The training also taught me on a holistic level that memories, emotions, beliefs, actions and reactions can leave a lasting imprint on a client and their body. These can have a direct impact on physical, emotional and mental well-being as the body adapts to the difficulties they have experienced. Advanced Myofascial Release can release emotions as well as pain.


The mind-body connection was to be explored further as I trained intensively across all three levels of Internal Family Systems (IFS). I had already found that treating the body was not always enough, and that IFS provided the missing parts of the holistic treatment for overall physical and mental well-being. IFS is a transformative, evidence-based psychotherapy, which I use as the primary modality to support mental and emotional well-being, allowing the client to heal from within and discover their true self.



synergy sport therapy
synergy sport therapy myofascial release and alignment
synergy sport therapy

Sports Massage Therapy

By using various therapies and techniques, such as Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Lymphatic Drainage I can help stimulate muscles and eliminate toxins from within the body.  more...


Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

My advanced understanding of anatomy and physiology allows me to conduct a full injury assessment. The use of Orthopaedic Testing allows for checks to be carried out on movement range as well as muscle strength and length.  more...


Myofascial Release  

Advanced Myofascial Release is an extraordinary technique which produces remarkable results. Improvements can be made to posture, pain relief, sleeping patterns, circulation, mental and emotional health, and the immune system.  more...


Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a confidential, non-judgemental and compassionate talking therapy, conducted in a safe environment and is a powerful, evidenced-based approach to psychotherapy.  more...

Conditions Treated

I have successfully treated an extensive list of common conditions and injuries. If your own issue is included on this website, you can be assured that I can, in some way help. If you suffer from anything that isn’t on this list, please contact me to discuss the matter and I will be very happy to advise you. more...

Treatments Available


Initial consultation


Subsequent treatments

£40.00 per hour


Bank Transfer (BACS), cheque or cash


Out of courtesy please give me a minimum of 24 hours' notice

if you wish to cancel otherwise a charge will be incurred.   

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I am conveniently located in the central Borders, but I want to make your treatment as easy as possible for you and can offer a mobile service if you feel more comfortable being treated at home.  


Give me a call to have a chat about which treatments might be most helpful to you.  


Stephen Nisbet

Synergy Sport Therapy

11a Deer Park

Selkirk TD7 4DL

Scottish Borders

T: 07940 567859


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