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My focus is to support the full physical and mental well-being of each client, and to provide the holistic help required for relieving pain, improving health and getting lives back on track.


Here are just some of the people that I have successfully helped using a combination of different treatments, in the words of my clients themselves.


A student requiring Myofascial Release for postural corrections and IFS for stress

I started seeing Stephen for postural correction work and injury prevention sessions. I was inspired by him and his vast knowledge and deep understanding of the human body. Through soft tissue work and fascial release, he improved my posture dramatically which reduced pain and tension - and in turn, increased my confidence and movement.

Stephen is very holistic in his approach and treats each person as an individual. As well as being an extremely successful physical therapist, Stephen is also an Internal Family Systems practitioner. I went to see Stephen for IFS therapy to help me cope with psychological stresses.

The process I went through was remarkable. I practise yoga and was aware of a significant lack of mobility through my left hip, which felt like a restriction.

Movement is calming and relaxing for me, so Stephen recommended bringing my mat to the second session. As Stephen guided me through my IFS session (unrelated to my hip restriction) I worked on some hip opening stretches.

At the end of the extremely helpful IFS session, which helped me to feel calm and gain clarity, I also noticed that my left hip had released significantly. On reflection, I believe that this hip restriction was a holding pattern caused by stress. I feel that the trauma I was holding through my hip was released through the IFS sessions.

Stephen provides a safe, calm environment with a no-rush approach which helped me in numerous ways. I urge you visit Stephen if you are experiencing emotional, phycological or physical stress. Stephen truly cares about people and is extremely knowledgeable. He will do everything he can to support you.

An adult requiring Sports Therapy for injury, Myofascial Release for postural corrections and IFS for

addiction to exercise

I had a foot injury for some months which I ignored before it eventually stopped me from walking let alone running. During our first session Stephen suggested we try some talking therapy whilst he was carrying out the physical therapy. Normally I would never have entertained this, but why not I thought. I won’t go into any details, but I had suffered physiological trauma when I was younger, and it was this that had caused everything in me.

I was expertly guided by Stephen through my system. He was calm and gave me lots of space and just understood.

The young, traumatised part of me was heard, honoured and its burdens released. At the end of the session everything was completely clear and I felt really spacious and light inside. I could be honest to myself and others with no battle going on inside me. I am now back running at a sensible mileage, injury free, gaining weight and now feeling good about myself.

A young mother in chronic pain, who also felt anxious and low, who undertook Myofascial Release and IFS

I had a deep bone pain in my legs, I was getting too stressed through work, and I felt low and stuck, and had this chest pain for months which wouldn’t go. I had sought medical help some months before going to see Stephen, but nothing seemed to work.

I had one myofascial release session where Stephen corrected my hips and my leg length discrepancy. The next few sessions I had were IFS sessions. Well, how deep did that go and how quickly, AMAZING! I totally get all my internal parts. I know how to now work with them and the time with Stephen has just been incredibly valuable for me.

The first session released the pain in my chest which over the last nine months has never returned, and following sessions made me feel lighter, taller, stronger and more focused than I can ever recall.

A secondary school child requesting help as she was starting to withdraw from her family, friends and study 


No one seemed to get me, mum suggested to go see Stephen.


My mindset then was, ‘oh here we go again’. I had been for help, seen school councillors, and doctors but no one really seemed to care. Pills were apparently the answer. I knew I needed help. I would just lock myself in my room and sit on my bed crying.  

In one session I knew he got me and what was going on for me. He just listened and asked the right questions at the right time. From that point on I was out of my room and back with my family and friends.

Thank you for the tears but more the laughter, Stephen.

A retiree suffering with pain, bereavement and abuse issues


My wife died six years ago and emotionally I have struggled since. I had developed constant pain in my shoulder and chest about five years ago. My friend had been to Synergy and said it had been very helpful for him, so I booked. 

For my painful shoulder and chest, we agreed that my posture and movement was out and that fascial release was the way forward.

After my third treatment I broke down during the session and Stephen was incredibly understanding and helpful informing me that it was trauma releasing which I had been warned about at the very beginning, but had discounted.


He suggested we try some psychotherapy, this was the turning point. For the first time in my life I was able to speak to, and rescue, a part of me that stuck at about eight years old from suffering daily abuse. From that point on our sessions including the release and IFS completely changed me as a person both emotionally and physically. The painful shoulder and chest just went after that session.

Retiree with chronic hip pain on movement

I'm a woman in her 60s with severe hip pain. This was taking my independence from me because it was painful to drive, and I was struggling to walk my dog, climb stairs, and manage my garden. It was slowly taking my confidence away from me.


After over a year of visits with a specialist and no real results, my friend recommended I pay Stephen a visit. I saw results starting from my first session and improvements ever since. Stephen is the first person to take the time to explain my issues to me, and I appreciate that he makes the sessions fun and relaxing.  


Stephen gives clear instructions how to exercise in my free time, and this has sparked a wider interest in health and well being.  Now I am able to take my dog on walks, enjoy my garden, and have even started learning yoga with encouragement and help from Stephen. Thank you so much Stephen!

Student suffering from chronic back pain

A university student aged 21 years who had been suffering from chronic back. Her pain began in 2015 where in the space of a year and a half she had been involved in three car accidents, had been seen by an Orthopedic surgeon who informed her that her spine had shifted slightly and referred her for physiotherapy. The physiotherapy treatments ended with her being told there was nothing more that could be done for her, her posture was poor and that she needed to manage her pain for the rest of her life with exercise. 

In January 2018 a friend encouraged me to see Stephen as he had positively helped her and her mum, it was a big decision as I had to travel an hour and a half to see him. It was during my final year at University the pain was just getting so bad I just had to try something. Stephen was kind, patient, positive, caring and someone I had been told I could trust, so true. I left after an amazing session where he affected change in my posture which took me out of pain. I felt uplifted, lighter, taller, happier and the best I’d been since before my first accident. I contacted Stephen after a month thanking him for his help, whilst I may now be just tight in some areas of my back at times the resistance band work helps with that but I am not in pain. 

Young mum with hip and lower back pain


A 28 year old mum who had been suffering from hip and lower back pain since the birth of her young son. Firstly, I carried out a full postural assessment, I then carried out postural corrections using myofascial release techniques. This is what she had to say about her treatment.


I went to see Stephen as I suffered from a sore hip since having my son 15 months ago. Straight away Stephen noticed the problem, he was very professional and explained the positions and techniques he was going to use. After the treatment I felt instantly relaxed, pain free, more positive, lighter and healthier, my posture had improved and my hips were realigned. Amazing! Couldn't recommend Stephen enough, will definitely be going to see him again! 


Teenage athlete suffering from neck pain


The father of a 15 year old track athlete asked for a treatment which would help to alleviate the pain that his son was suffering from in his neck. After the initial consultation I carried out postural corrections through myofascial release, follow up visits have also been carried out and the client now benefits from Sports Massage treatments too. Advice on stretching and strengthening areas of weakness have been given. This is what the youngster’s dad has to say about the treatments.


I have coached my son for 3 years and at 15 he is a Scottish internationalist and continues to compete and race at athletic meets across the UK. This quite obviously comes with its physical demands and at a point in his life where he is growing at a fast rate.

I have known Stephen for years, his training methods, and the care he has for his athletes resonates with me. My son had never been to a Sports Therapist unless being treated for an injury such as a muscle tear. We decided to go to Stephen after my son developed a sore neck which hindered his performance for several months and would not go away.

Stephen carried out a full postural assessment and gave my son and I an option of treatments and the benefits over and above just treating the sore neck. I was opened minded about the benefits that would come. His approach has been thoroughly professional at all times and he has always spoken at length to my son and I about what is taking place."


Postural Corrections

The meticulous way Stephen mapped areas on my son that needed attention would not surprise anyone who knows him. He is passionate and determined in his pursuits. He then proceeded to work in a caring way to make significant differences to alignment problems with shoulders, chest, neck, head, hips and legs.


Myofascial release

This technique was totally new to me and once again I was completely impressed with the way Stephen identified areas around my son's body where release would assist him and it has.        


Sports Massage

Over the next two visits Stephen made a significant difference to my son’s posture and importantly to his running stride. During a continued period of intense training he has been as relaxed and injury free as he has ever been. From day one I have seen the benefits when my son runs on the track. Sports massages have made a significant difference in identifying tighter muscles/areas and keeping the body in its best shape. This proactive approach is similar to an insurance policy. Stephen has left no stone unturned in finding balance in my son's body during sessions and his clear and friendly approach has quickly built trust with him and definitely increased the value of all the treatments. We have seen considerable benefits from these treatments in a short time and would not be without them.

Oh and the sore neck - that disappeared after the first treatment!


Post op rehabilitation  

A 60 year old lady needed a programme of rehabilitation after a complete knee replacement surgery, this is what she had to say.


I am a 60 year old who had total knee replacement surgery at the start of the year. I was sent home with only an exercise sheet and was told I must do the exercises regularly, and should be able to drive, return to work and so on in 6 to 8 weeks. This proved to be very unrealistic.


My only exercises before surgery were yoga and walking, and I found recovery slow and painful, it was hard to know if I was doing enough exercise, or what else would be appropriate to improve my return to health. I spoke to Stephen and he offered his full support, and we discussed starting a programme of rehabilitation.


We started my programme 5 days a week and under Stephen’s instruction with some gentle movement and stretching in the pool, things became so much easier. Stephen was meticulous in his observations of how my leg moved in the pool, and was very positive regarding my small daily improvements. Before long he had me doing sessions that I could not have done before my surgery.


Within a few weeks, my range of movement had vastly improved, my knee pain was less, I was able to walk without my sticks, and able to have confidence in driving. People couldn’t believe that I had had my knee replaced. The surgeon and physiotherapist were both amazed at my progress at my 12 week check up, and impressed at with how much the knee had healed, and the strength that had built up in my leg.


Stephen also identified that my hip alignment was considerably out and he released my hip, it is an amazing feeling to be level and this has helped me so much. Throughout this time, Stephen was very professional, in both his knowledge and his personal approach. I am very grateful to have had his support and encouragement, and his unwavering belief in my ability to get back strength and movement in my leg, his willingness to be there when times were tough for me, both physically and emotionally. I know I have him to thank for my recovery being more advanced, and my confidence of getting back to full health.


Retired nurse with arthritic knee pain

A 64 year old retired nurse asked for help with knee pain particularly in one knee which was quite debilitating. After a postural assessment, myofascial release and postural corrections were carried out as well as follow up sports massage treatments, this is what she had to say.

I am a retired nurse aged 64 years. For the past 4+ years I have suffered with arthritic pain in both my knees. I have difficulty walking down hills and going up and down stairs.

My G.P. referred me to a musculoskeletal clinic where I had physiotherapy every 2 weeks for 1 year with little relief.  On my first session with Stephen, he identified postural misalignment of over 2 stone on one side which he realigned using myofascial release and postural corrections. Immediately all pain had gone and I could move with so much more freedom. I felt lighter, taller, happier and my husband also noticed I was taller and more upright after the treatment. 

Stephen has also advised me on simple exercises to help strengthen my muscles. He said that he would be willing to treat me only if I felt a benefit from the treatment and he did say that he could not make the arthritic pain disappear completely but that he could ease the pain and give me a better range of movement through Sports Massage.

I now have been having regular Sports Massage treatments with Stephen roughly every 6 weeks when I feel the need and he keeps an eye on my alignment at every treatment. The whole process has helped my posture and gait and the pain in my knees has eased considerably, as a result I am a lot more mobile than before and a lot happier.

I find Stephen to be very professional and trustworthy and I could not recommend him enough especially to someone suffering from arthritic pain.

Former rugby player with ongoing pain


A fit and active 37 year old man but after suffering a compression neck injury during a rugby accident over 8 years ago, has suffered considerable pain and discomfort in the lower back, hip and hamstring areas ever since. After a postural assessment, I carried out postural corrections through a series of myofascial release and sports massage treatments. This is what he had to say about his treatment. 


Having had a long recovery and a number of treatments from physiotherapists and other sports massage therapists there were some pains that I was told I would just have to live with. Recently a friend who had similar problems to mine had suggested trying myofascial treatment as it had greatly helped him. I contacted Stephen and right from the start I knew that he was clearly someone who was interested in you, I went for a postural assessment and was not surprised to find out that there were several irregularities in my posture which Stephen found. He gave me explanations which made sense and said he could help, he carried out a myofascial release session with me and completely improved my posture. The main problem with my hamstrings immediately disappeared, and six months on has never came back. The other areas of pain significantly eased and I now go to see Stephen when I feel I need a sports massage treatment and he is incredibly good at that. The benefits to me have been hugely beneficial and inspirational to my training.


Stephen is a therapist who is very knowledgeable about the human body, more importantly understands it, is professional, trustworthy and extremely generous with his time. He got to the root cause of my injuries which has helped my performance.

Triathlete with multiple pain


A 46 year old man who is active in running and triathlons presented with sore shoulders, calves and Achilles tendons. The client consented to a postural assessment, thereafter postural correction to treat alignment issues and thereafter regular sports massage treatments.


I had a rotator cuff tear in my shoulder and after relatively unsuccessful physiotherapy decided to try out the services Stephen offered. I am so glad I did as he is so much more than a Sports Massage Therapist.


Having been treated by other therapists in the past I thought I knew what was coming. I completely underestimated the treatment I was about to receive. I have never had someone work so intensely through various issues I had with posture, just making me understand what was contributing to my various issues throughout my time in the past with training. What he said and did just made sense and what he did corrected my alignment. I hadn’t realised until then how uncomfortable I had been in certain situations and the difference it has made to my training is remarkable. He was the first person to inform me that I pronated and offered a session with his athletes to assess my running style and gait.


During this session, Stephen gave me advice on my running shoes which were wrong for me and corrected my running style. Immediately after getting the correct supportive shoes and correcting my style the calf and Achilles problems immediately disappeared.


Stephen has since given me advice on nutrition and a personalised training plan which after following has just seen me set personal best time after personal best time, amazing what you can do when some who knows what they are talking about helps! 


I now receive regular Sports Massage treatments from Stephen who is extremely thorough, releasing damage in my body, giving me a better range of motion, easing tightness, and generally making me feel more energized.  This has led to me really enjoying my training again and makes me want to train more.


I have even had him work on my daughter who had issues with knee pain when running, which he sorted out for her in one session.


The combination of skills that Stephen possesses makes him much more than just a massage therapist.  His understanding of postural alignment, allied to his knowledge of myofascial release and sports massage make him very effective in treating all aspects of injury and speeding up recovery. When that is combined with his extensive experience as a running coach and his knowledge of nutrition, training plans and injury prevention, it makes him an extremely valuable contributor to the positive handling of significant physical issues for athletes, amateurs like myself, and indeed anyone suffering from ongoing physical pain and discomfort.

Nursery nurse suffering from chronic lower back pain


A Nursery Nurse aged 28 years who had been suffering from chronic lower back pain and said she was unable to stand on both of her legs without suffering significant discomfort which had been going on for years. 


I used to compete in Highland Dancing but had to give up due to issues in my hip and lower back. I was given inserts by a consultant at the local hospital who suggested this was my only option. The last few years the pain has just got to the stage where it is unbearable. My friend and college at work suggested I make an appointment with Stephen. I did and I could not believe the difference in one session, he sorted my leg length discrepancy out which I thought I had for life, my back pain disappeared, I started to go back to the gym and have been recommending Stephen to everyone. Just so you know I have waited 8 months after Stephen’s treatment to write this and I am still as good as the day after my treatment with him.   

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