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Myofascial Release

Advanced Myofascial Release is an extraordinary technique which produces remarkable results. Improvements can be made to posture, pain relief, sleeping patterns, circulation, mental and emotional health, and the immune system. This technique focuses on the release of the body’s most flexible yet sturdy tissue - the fascia. This connective tissue surrounds every muscle and organ in the body. The fascia’s continuity and endlessness across the body can cause imbalance in the joints which, in turn, can cause an imbalance in posture.


By initially assessing posture, balance and discovering where pain emerges, it is possible to establish and address areas of strain, misalignment and restricted motion that exist within the body pattern. I prefer to work by manually releasing the key areas of fascia that are most often responsible for holding the body in imbalanced positions. This encourages the body’s natural mechanisms to take over and complete the correction of these imbalances.


To achieve functional efficiency, massage is required on the superficial layer of the fascial system before gradually progressing to deeper fascial exploration.


As the fascial system is physically released, the trauma and memory entwined within the tissue of the injured area is also released. The initial injury is likely to have been caused by physical or emotional trauma, resulting in the body doing whatever it can to offer protection. While this is helpful in the short term, it can prove problematic over a longer period. By using Myofascial Release to release emotional and mental trauma, space is created for the healing process from within to begin. This process of healing can be further encouraged through psychotherapy treatment called Internal Family Systems.



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